About Us

What would you offer if you opened a towing company? If you’ve ever been stuck in the cold and rain waiting hours for a tow truck to arrive, you’d offer fast responsive service. Have you ever been given one estimate by a tow company dispatcher, only to be charged additional fees you weren’t expecting? Then you’d build your company on honest pricing, no complicated or hidden fees. That’s what we’re doing at TryTow.

How We Got Started

One day, a group of techies had a long talk about how tow companies operate. We shared many of our experiences with each other and found some common themes. We all had experiences where the tow truck driver asked us to pay a lot more than the dispatcher quoted. Sometimes, fees seemed totally random. We couldn’t figure out why some companies charge per mile and others charge for time and mileage.

We Created TryTow with You in Mind

Here’s what we thought: what if, there was a streamlined way to get your car towed as quickly and easily as possible? And, what if there was a way to eliminate all hidden costs? We realized if that’s what we wanted, we’d have to do it ourselves so we formed TryTow. Our goal is to transform the way people think about and interact with towing companies.

About TryTow

Our headquarters is in San Diego, CA but we service the entire United States. Our trucks have the most up-to-date technologies, and our drivers are trained, friendly, caring professionals. Our founders are committed to providing the highest quality towing services around.

The TryTow Advantage

TryTow is a different type of towing company. We charge only flat rate towing fees because we believe that towing costs should be simple and predictable. In an industry plagued by a negative reputation, we want you to have a positive experience with your tow company and driver. Our core business principles include:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency

When you call for one of our tow trucks, we will give you one, simple, up-front price. That’s what you’ll pay the driver. No surprises, no hidden fees, no complications. Our drivers are dispatched immediately and will arrive promptly within the estimated time given when you call. Our dispatchers are friendly compassionate professionals. When you call we’ll treat you like we’d want to be treated.

No calculators needed. We don’t charge complicated per-mile fees, late-night premiums, or out-of-area surcharges. You’ll pay a flat fee that’s fair and makes sense.

Unique in the Towing Industry

TryTow is an innovative start-up company that makes automobile towing a fun process. Our honest, flat rate pricing is changing the way people think about towing company services. Contact us any time you need a tow truck to get there on time and get your car towed at a fair and reasonable price.